Who The Fuck Is Spindle

I'm a fat kid from Salford, been in to bikes since I could shit in a nappy. Crashed a few along the way, but i'm still here pissing everyone off. I've tried my hand at motocross and drag racing over the years. I won fuck all, but had a proper laugh, and enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with fellow racers. I have now turned my very limited engineering skills to custom bike building. I have always loved the bike shows and the creations the famous builders dreamed up. I regularly attend all the big events throughout the UK. I have taken inspiration from many builders, but more so from my very good friend Mister D.T.F.P. Benny "Boneshaker" Thomas. Benny has guided my hand through all the builds in these pages, and he has kept me safe, ensuring what creations i come up with are ride-able, safe, (all most) legal, and don't kill me. During my time in Benny's workshop I have met some cool people and made some great friends. I don't take life too seriously. The following pages are just rambling's and experience's of mine during the builds. This blog in not intended to be accurate or period perfect, its just for a laugh, and describes the things I like and love. Please feel free to hurl abuse and insults.
Fuck my old boots, here's

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Saturday, 6 November 2010


bored shitless sat in the house, so ive googled evreyone ive ever heard of and came up with this list, feel free to abuse such a waste of time, but im laid up for a while and cant move:-

Albert Finney
Actor, born in Gore Crescent, Weaste

Alistair Cooke
Radio journalist - 'Letter from America, Radio 4', born in Isaac Street, Salford in 1908

Andy Crane
Television and radio presenter

Al Read
Popular radio comedian active throughout the 1950s and 1960s

Sir Ben Kingsley
Oscar-winning actor, grew up in Pendlebury

Christopher Eccleston
Actor - 'Cracker', 'Shallow Grave', the former 'Doctor Who'

Doris Butterworth
Dancer and tiller girl

Emmeline Pankhurst
"Mrs Pankhurst" was one of the founders of the British suffragette movement

Elkie Brookes

Ewan MacColl
Singer, songwriter, actor, playwright, radio broadcaster and socialist. Born in Broughton, Salford

Freddie 'Parrot Face' Davies

Graham Nash
Songwriter - Crosby, Stills and...

John Cooper Clarke
Inventor of punk poetry

Ken Wolstenholme
Football commentator - 1966 World Cup

Laurence Stephen Lowry
World famous artist, he lived in Station Road, Pendlebury

Mark E. Smith
Long-time member of 'The Fall', an English post-punk band, formed in Manchester in 1976

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies
Classical music composer, appointed Master of the Queen's Music in March 2004

Richard Cobden
Salford's apostle of free trade

Robert Powell
Actor - 'The Thirty-Nine Steps', 'Jesus of Nazareth'

Russell Watson
Opera singer

Tony Warren
Creator of TV's 'Coronation Street'

William Crabtree
Predicted and recorded a transit of Venus in 1639

William Renshaw
Seven time Wimbledon winner between 1881-1889, including six consecutive titles

and this is the most famous building in my humble opinion

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