Who The Fuck Is Spindle

I'm a fat kid from Salford, been in to bikes since I could shit in a nappy. Crashed a few along the way, but i'm still here pissing everyone off. I've tried my hand at motocross and drag racing over the years. I won fuck all, but had a proper laugh, and enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with fellow racers. I have now turned my very limited engineering skills to custom bike building. I have always loved the bike shows and the creations the famous builders dreamed up. I regularly attend all the big events throughout the UK. I have taken inspiration from many builders, but more so from my very good friend Mister D.T.F.P. Benny "Boneshaker" Thomas. Benny has guided my hand through all the builds in these pages, and he has kept me safe, ensuring what creations i come up with are ride-able, safe, (all most) legal, and don't kill me. During my time in Benny's workshop I have met some cool people and made some great friends. I don't take life too seriously. The following pages are just rambling's and experience's of mine during the builds. This blog in not intended to be accurate or period perfect, its just for a laugh, and describes the things I like and love. Please feel free to hurl abuse and insults.
Fuck my old boots, here's

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Thursday, 23 December 2010


never been a lover of trikes, but this one is mental, cheers CFH

LSD, flares, long hair, hippys, space men, student anti war demos, dont you just miss the seventies, ha ha

Monday, 20 December 2010


robbed of D.T.F.P. cheers Benny, best laugh I've had in ages, its so fucking funny i had to nick it, i near shit myself laughing its so funny, Alan Ford is an ace actor, the best line of the film is "I'll cut your fucking jacobs off", Zoe, my 9 year old daughter came out with this line on a trip to Blackpool, me and Manda couldn't believe what she had said,, Zoe had no idea what it  meant, i guess Zoe must have watched "Snatch"" when we where out sometime, it made for a good family memory,

Sunday, 19 December 2010


taken outside benny's flat before we hit the nationals in september 2010, good times good memories good friends, left to right
trawlers lotus eater
spindles pimp
bennys pan
steves ironhead

Saturday, 18 December 2010


smackhead, lesbian, rock chick, who gives a fuck cos this lady could belt out a cool tune, heres my favorite

Monday, 13 December 2010


the chopper godfather, he died in october 1992 after his race boat sank in a lake, he was pinned in the boat and drowned.  I loved reading about his stuff in mags back in the day.  Heres a few pictures of his bikes.

these pictures are where i gathered inspiration for "Pimpers Paradise".

i also read the postings on Jockey Journal that his daughter lisa posted, the whole thread had me in tears, she expressed how she dealt with her feelings towards her dad. It was mind blowing stuff.

RIP Denver Mullins


my friend trawler, he's a cool dude, he rides, skates, and partys like a real animal, he has his own painting company and he's just set up a blog advertising his skills, click the link, lets get his hit count up, and, if you have an elephants arse that needs painting, he's your man, ha ha.

good luck with your venture mister.

"LUCKY 69"

named because i always feel lucky when participating in a "69"

anyhow, just bought my first item for the bike, many more to follow, DON'T tell manda, she will kill me, £850 to my door, looking forward to starting this one. will be using an old iron head lump, 16's front and rear, lovely Firestone's either end, bare metal tank and seat, matt brown frame, black gloss wheels and leafers, should save a fortune on paint, i only need "LUCKY 69" painting on either side of the gas tank. and i will be looking for a mooosive front light, an old battered affair would be preferable.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


looking for wheels on ebay and came across these, think our lee should sue for copy right, ha ha

Sunday, 5 December 2010


found this on rowans blog, a guy had a frame chopped in half to save on shipping, with the intention of welding it together when it arrived on his doorstep, only a super hero like BATMAN would do that, i hope robin learns from this, ha ha