Who The Fuck Is Spindle

I'm a fat kid from Salford, been in to bikes since I could shit in a nappy. Crashed a few along the way, but i'm still here pissing everyone off. I've tried my hand at motocross and drag racing over the years. I won fuck all, but had a proper laugh, and enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with fellow racers. I have now turned my very limited engineering skills to custom bike building. I have always loved the bike shows and the creations the famous builders dreamed up. I regularly attend all the big events throughout the UK. I have taken inspiration from many builders, but more so from my very good friend Mister D.T.F.P. Benny "Boneshaker" Thomas. Benny has guided my hand through all the builds in these pages, and he has kept me safe, ensuring what creations i come up with are ride-able, safe, (all most) legal, and don't kill me. During my time in Benny's workshop I have met some cool people and made some great friends. I don't take life too seriously. The following pages are just rambling's and experience's of mine during the builds. This blog in not intended to be accurate or period perfect, its just for a laugh, and describes the things I like and love. Please feel free to hurl abuse and insults.
Fuck my old boots, here's

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


been going through the disc Guy sent me, these where taken for the magazine at the nationals in september 2010, the photos turned out the bogs bollox. big thanks to mister guy for sending the disc.


OK, i know its stereotypical and sexist of me, and any women will tell you I'm a shallow bastard, but i just cant get enough, the time's i have spent in hospital all busted and broken but I've never had the pleasure of a nurse as inviting as this one, oh lord how i prayed for one, ha ha

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Monday, 14 March 2011


took the kids to school this morning, hit the radio and this was on, cool as fuck, we sang at the top of our voices stuck in "school run" traffic, happy days.

Monday, 7 March 2011


we did a shoot outside salford lads club for billy whizz's junk magazine, it was a mental day, we had cheeky little kids climbing all over the bikes, i was scared shitless of them damaging anything, luckily the day ended with out disaster, the bike is featured in issue 2 of junk, go subscribe now, or the bogie man will get you, also please visit the salford lads club website and buy a t shirt, they rely on the selling of t shirts to raise funds, they get nothing from the government, and we all wear a t shirt when working the bikes, post me a picture of you wearing your SLC t shirt and i'll send you some stickers, so come on guys, it won't kill you, they ship international so no excuses for the overseas guys, please help them, its something i feel very passionate about, cheers,Spindle

Sunday, 6 March 2011


did this back in august for 100% magazine, another day in the presence of beautiful women with their tits out, its a tough life.

Friday, 4 March 2011


cool as fuck, this is a working kicker on an evo, all led sleds work in usa, there is a vid on the tinternet somewhere.

. found it............

this is the link to the led sled site, with a better vid

Thursday, 3 March 2011


this is the sweetest ironhead i have ever seen, it is the total tits, if i ever get to own an ironhead, i wouldnt complain if it turned out half as good as this little cracker, pic robbed off QCB, who robbed it of someonelse, who robbed it............. you get the idea, no idea who built this, but well done mister!!!