Who The Fuck Is Spindle

I'm a fat kid from Salford, been in to bikes since I could shit in a nappy. Crashed a few along the way, but i'm still here pissing everyone off. I've tried my hand at motocross and drag racing over the years. I won fuck all, but had a proper laugh, and enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with fellow racers. I have now turned my very limited engineering skills to custom bike building. I have always loved the bike shows and the creations the famous builders dreamed up. I regularly attend all the big events throughout the UK. I have taken inspiration from many builders, but more so from my very good friend Mister D.T.F.P. Benny "Boneshaker" Thomas. Benny has guided my hand through all the builds in these pages, and he has kept me safe, ensuring what creations i come up with are ride-able, safe, (all most) legal, and don't kill me. During my time in Benny's workshop I have met some cool people and made some great friends. I don't take life too seriously. The following pages are just rambling's and experience's of mine during the builds. This blog in not intended to be accurate or period perfect, its just for a laugh, and describes the things I like and love. Please feel free to hurl abuse and insults.
Fuck my old boots, here's

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


spacers made, wheels aligned, axle tensioner's made mounted and fitted, chain in line with sprockets, rear flyrite caliper mounted and running true, rear fender mounted to frame just need to make the sissy bar to mount the top of the fender too, boss'es for sissy bar welded to frame, cheers to ben for the welding skills

Thursday, 18 February 2010


this is the third year my dear friend sumo has organised this run, i missed last years cos novice wasnt ready and i sold 57, DOH!!!, so, if you think your cool, and in to riding cool bikes, having good times, and hanging with real people, i will see you there, if you aint going, why? if you dont go, i'll shit in your gas tank!

comprendy amigo!!!!!!


out driving in my new toyota......................... cant stop, chat later


dont leave the fucking chuck key in the chuck you daft twat, you wouldnt believe how many ceiling lights i've took out with the chuck key when i press the big green button, see benny bob and zip dive for cover, oh how i laugh


bennys been giving me a hand with the welding because i cant weld, he welded up the gaps in this super skinny gas tank, i made some mount tabs and he welded them on also, the tank is now fixed to the frame, time for the next job, wheel alingment...............


just like me, pimper will be a super skinny ride, ha ha


heres another creation of mine, its still a work in progress and bennys on stand by to help with the welding, zippy and benny have shown how to operate the lathe, but i keep forgetting to remove the chuck key which earns me a smack around the head with a starter motor off sir benny of weldingshire, i enjoy working on the bikes, it keeps me out of tesco with the wife and kids, and hanging at bennys with all the daily drop ins drinking tea nd generally fucking around, its as cool as life gets

heres what we started with, an ebay find, didnt pay a fortune but its has potential, with benny on stand buy to help with the styling, it should be a mental bike when finished, it will be a total blast to ride, them there springers are the longest we could find on ebay, and will make it near impossible to ride, my ideas for paint will test flakeys skills, but im sure he will pull off another killer paint job

All photos have been blatantly stolen of bobby spour, what the fuck, I’m form Salford, what else would you expect


i met benny about four years ago, ive had a few bikes off benny since, he's the coolest cat in town, he really know's his stuff, he challenged me to build a propper bike in his shop, here's the results, shit photo's by me, high quality good meaningfull arty shots by bobby, cheer's to all who helped along the way, i owe you all a beer