Who The Fuck Is Spindle

I'm a fat kid from Salford, been in to bikes since I could shit in a nappy. Crashed a few along the way, but i'm still here pissing everyone off. I've tried my hand at motocross and drag racing over the years. I won fuck all, but had a proper laugh, and enjoyed every minute of the time I spent with fellow racers. I have now turned my very limited engineering skills to custom bike building. I have always loved the bike shows and the creations the famous builders dreamed up. I regularly attend all the big events throughout the UK. I have taken inspiration from many builders, but more so from my very good friend Mister D.T.F.P. Benny "Boneshaker" Thomas. Benny has guided my hand through all the builds in these pages, and he has kept me safe, ensuring what creations i come up with are ride-able, safe, (all most) legal, and don't kill me. During my time in Benny's workshop I have met some cool people and made some great friends. I don't take life too seriously. The following pages are just rambling's and experience's of mine during the builds. This blog in not intended to be accurate or period perfect, its just for a laugh, and describes the things I like and love. Please feel free to hurl abuse and insults.
Fuck my old boots, here's

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Who The Fuck Is Spindle

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


helped benny to make my seat pan for the pimp, benny measured, cut, shaped, and welded, i made tea, this metal bashing malarky isnt as bad as i thought it would be, ha ha

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


my first job at 16 after being expelled from school was as an apprentice with a citroen dealer, i swept floors, went for parts, and ran to the shops for cigs and sandwiches, last saturday i went to bennys, first job he had me do was to sweep the floor, i then went to ian's for parts, on the way back i called for breakfast and went to the newsagent for cigs..............................26 YEARS LATER AND FUCK ALL HAS CHANGED, Ha Ha


Statler and Waldorf, the complaining moaning muppetts, when i call down to bennys on a staurday i call by his place and pick him up, we drive to the workshop moaning and putting the world to rights, the subjects we have covered amazes me, we've moaned about everything and everybody, this is the reason he calls me stressball, coz he off loads all his stress on to me and has a good old moan, the pair of us look like statler and waldorf, the two old moaning muppetts drinving down the road, love you benny, you old moaning twat, ha ha

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


cheers benny

Saturday, 6 March 2010


been down at benny's shop today, didn't break anything this time, worked on the pimp, benny made me a super cool sissy bar which we mounted and fixed the rear fender to it,  neil called by with my oil tank, so we stayed a little later and fixed it on to the bike, big thanks to zip for making the bosses for the oil tank, i also made some tabs to mount the headlights, this week my forward controls from bootleg arrived, they also got put on the bike, they look super cool and sleek, next weekend i will mostly be doing what i'm told by benny,  ha ha


sorry bob, but you look real old in this pic, shoulders back and sat ridgid, you look old enough to be my gramp's, and where did you get them there fucking overall's, ha ha


one of the funniest guy's ive met in a long time, has me in stiches everytime i see him, and good with spanners and lathe's, which is cool, cos i get him to do stuff i cant, here's a pic of him, his cool as fuck truck, and his lill' chop he's building. love you zip, you crazy mo-fo, but he only has one set of clothes, ha ha

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


i failed school, i was the class clown, we had loads of fun but learnt fuck all, in may 82 i was expelled from school for decorating the english corridor with "SID IS INNOCENT", i left school with a police escort that day, the copper was well pissed i'd nicked his car, ha ha